15+ English entrance exam questions and answers Class 11

These questions are Grade 11 English Entrance Questions list which is very important for English entrance examEntrance Exam Questions for Class 11 in Nepal "English" for All Subjects "Science, Management, A-Level, HM, HA, Diploma, Nursing, CA etc"

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This is Ganesh Gautam and as I said that if my 50+ Entrance Exam questions for Class 11 get 50 comments then only I will post second post, So you guys are very interactive, we got 105 comments till now, So I am writing another blog again. 

This is the blog for English Subject only!!

Here, you will get questions which are already asked in popular colleges of Nepal such as SOS, St. Xavier's, Trinity, Global college etc. And some questions which are repeated very frequently are also included here. So don't think these questions are not important.

Subjects according to your stream:

So As I said these questions for all students, But you have to choose subjects at first, then solve the questions, For example

a) For science = All Questions

b) For management = Math + English

c) A level "Science" = All Questions

d) A level "Non science" = Math + English

e) Nursing = All Questions

f) CA = Math + English

g) Diploma = All Questions

h) HA = All Questions

i) HM = Math + English

15+ English entrance exam questions and answers Class 11

So Here we Start our MCQs

Multiple choice questions of English

1) The word ‘epidemic’ is antonymous with

a) pandemic 

b) endemic 

c) academic 

d) none of them 

2) Which one of the following is correct? 

a) We, you and they must work together. 

b) He has returned back from London. 

c) I look forward to meet my best friend. 

d) None of the above

3) He has climbed _____________Mt. Everest.

a) a 

b) an 

c) the 

d) none

4) _____________, please give me a call. 

a) If he came 

b) Should he come 

c) If he come 

d) None of them

5) The passive of ‘People know that she was a thief.” is: 

a) It is known that she was a thief. 

b) She is known to have been a thief. 

c) She is known as a thief 

d) Both (a) and (b)

6) She would certainly come to see me if weather____________. 

a) remains fine 

b) remained fine 

c) would be fine 

d) wouldn’t be fine

7)   ----- governments point with pride to increasing mechanization in agriculture human and animal power still produces a significant portion of the world’s food.

a) Since

b) because 

c) so that

d) while

8) Oh! you are my friend.......?
a. are you     
b. aren't you   
c. isn't he  
d.is he

9) The prime minister as well as his cantier cabinet......there
a. were
b. was
c. are
d. was were

10) The word similar to penmanship is:
a) relationship 
b) Childish
c) calligraphy
d) dryad

11) Although they are not rich, they always wear……. Clothes.
a) Respective
b) Respected
c) Respectable
d) None

12) He, as well as I, _______ already completed today’s assignment. 
a) have 
b) has 
c) had been 
d) none

13) "The curtain of night fell upon us "is a 
a. metaphor
b. simile
c. paradox
d. proverb

14) Drew was a ----- boss, one who gave generous holiday bonuses and often overlooked minor lapses in judgment
a) miserly
b) gregarious
c) both can be
d) none

15) " success is a bastard as it has many fathers , and failure is an orphan, with no takers". This statement is a: 
a. Metaphor  
b. simile    
c) paradox
d. proverb

Answers of these questions:

1a 2a 3d 4b 5d 6b 7d 8b 9b 10c 11c 12b 13a 14b 15a

I highly recommend you to watch these video, which will help you in your entrance preparation journey.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

So, That's it for English. Now you can go back and solve Mathematics MCQs.

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  12. Thank u dai for these mcqs. U r really doing a lot for us.❤πŸ™

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