Class 11 Entrance Exam in Nepal " Mathematics"


Class 11 Entrance Exam in Nepal "Mathematics"

For All Students

This is the blog for Mathematics Subject only!!

Specially for math I cannot type all the questions in this blogpost. So, In this blog I am giving you word problems only. Wait for few days, I will definitely find some alternatives for this problem.

You can also check MCQs for English & Science.

Here, you will get questions which are already asked in popular colleges of Nepal such as SOS, St. Xavier's, Trinity, Global college etc. And some questions which are repeated very frequently are also included here. So don't think these questions are not important.

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So As I said these questions for all students, But you have to choose subjects at first, then solve the questions, For example

a) For science = All Questions

b) For management = Maths + English

c) A level "Science" = All Questions

d) A level "Non science" = Maths + English

e) Nursing = All Questions

f) CA = Maths + English

g) Diploma = All Questions

h) HA = All Questions

i) HM = Maths + English

I highly recommend you to watch these video, which will help you in your entrance preparation journey.๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

So, Lets Start MCQs

I) Mathematics

1) If line 2x-y+ฮฑ= 0 is a diameter of circle x2+y2+6x-6y+5=0  then the value of ฮฑ is

a) 0                                       b) 3

c) 9                                       d) -9

2) Which one of the following locus produces a straight line ? 

a) Locus of a point which moves at equidistant from a fixed point. 

b) Locus of a point which moves at equidistant from two fixed points. 

c) Locus of a point which moves at equidistant from three fixed points 

d) All of these.

3) If the area of triangle formed by a line 2x + 3y – k = 0 is 12 sq. units then value of k is 

a. ± 6 

b. ±8 

c. ± 12 

d. ± 18


4)If prices are reduced by 25% and the sales increase by 20%, what is the net effect on gross receipts?

a. increase by 5% 

b. decrease by 5%

c. increase by 10% 

d. decrease by 10%

5) The equation of the line passing through (1, -2) and parralel to y – axis is ……… 

a. y = 1 

b. y = 2 

c. x = -1 

d. x = 1

6) A flexible wire of length 66 cm is used to form various shapes. Which of the following shape encloses the greatest area? 

a) Equilateral triangle 

b) Square 

c) Rhombus 

d) Circle

7) Which one of the following conditions is not necessary for the existence of an inverse of a matrix A? 

a) A must be a square matrix 

b) A must be a non singular matrix 

c) All entries of A must be different 

d) None of these

8)The equation of the circle having center (5, 4) and touching y-axis is 

a. x 2 + y2 – 10x – 8y + 25 = 0 

b. x 2 + y2 – 5x + 4y + 8 = 0 

c. x 2 + y2 – 5x + 4y + 8 = 0 

d. x 2 + y2 – 42 – 5y + 10 = 0

9)If sin ฮธ +cosec ฮธ = 2 then sin2ฮธ+ cosec2ฮธ is equal to

a) 1                                       b) 4

c) 2                                       c) 9

10) If the equation x2 + 2(K+2)x + 9k = 0 has equal roots, then the value of K is 

a. 1 

b. 2 

c. 3 

d. 0



1a 2b 3c 4d 5d 6b 7c 8a 9c 10a

If you have something to ask or you don't understand some questions then you can simply post it to our facebook group, where other students will help you to find the correct answer


Here Most of the questions are from O. Maths, If you are management student or any other non science student then you can skip these quesstions.

If You want to go to the MCQs of English Subject, Then Click Here !!

Thank You!!


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  1. dai hamro bare ma kati ramro sochnu hunxa dai lai dherai maya
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  2. Done :) And thank you :):):):):)

  3. dai science rw english ko question ta ka bata herni ho
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  4. Thank you but the question are from opt mathematics so i unable to solve them

  5. Dai 8 ko answer a nai ho ? Kasari a bhayo !?

    1. Formula le vayo...

    2. Bro ans ma last ko 25 ko Satta 16 hunxa tyaa option Ali wrong vayeko xa a ko

  6. can anyone say me, how answer of ques 1 is 0? isn't it -9?

  7. Dada ๐Ÿ’–nepali medium ra English medium ko o .math katifarak hudoraixa .๐Ÿ˜”k grniaba

  8. Daii opt.maths ko question pani aauxa r

  9. 8 no ko wrong xa hai y-axis ma touch garyo bhane h=r hunxa ra ans ma last ma +16 hunxa
    BTW great job

  10. Dai math ko mcq question totally kasari paune

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