50+ Entrance Exam questions for Class 11 "Science & Management"

In this blog I'll give more than 50+ entrance exam questions for class 11 science and management students. These are st xavier entrance exam questions for class 11 science and are most probable questions for 2022 entrance exam in Nepal.

The following MCQs are already asked in many colleges, I collect them and present to you for your practice. First try to solve these MCQs by yourself without seeing answers which will help your mind to work, Don't just see answers and copy that answers. I will try to upload 50 MCQs ( 10 Questions per subject) per day if atleast 30 students submit their answers

For Science, the subjects are:-
a) English
b) Maths
c) Science (Physics + Chemistry + Biology)

I will update answers in this blog a day after publishing it, So, Firstly you solve all these questions and then send me on my instagram or facebook page, then I will check all of your answers and upload it on facebook page, then only  I will update on this blog.

For Management Subject, 
You can skip science questions but you can try to solve MCQs of  maths & english for now. And similarly, you can send your answers to my Instagram or Facebook page.

In this blog, For Management Sector, the subjects are:-
a) English
b) Math

So Here we start our MCQs

50+ Entrance Exam questions for Class 11 "Science & Management"
Entrance Exam questions for Class 11

Entrance exam questions of English

1)  All of us......arrived yesterday.
a) has              b) have
c) had           d) has/have

2) He is sitting ______an armchair and I am sitting ______the chair.
a) in, on                                 b) on, at
c) in, in                                   d) with, by

3) I went ..... a walk early ___ the morning with pimple
— my face.
a) on, in, on            b)on, in, at
c) on, at, on           d) for, in, on

4) So you are working very hard,________?
a) are you?                             b) aren't you?               
c) do you?                             d) don't you?

5) “To beat the air” means
a)  To act foolishly
b) To make efforts that are useless or vain
c) To move vigorously
d) To move sluggishly

6) The bed and breakfast — nice. We had fun.
a) is                      b) are
c) was                d) is/was

7. It's high time that Nepali government _______ more in health sectors.  

a) invest                              b) should invest

c) will invest                         d) invested

8) You must dispense ….. his service.

a)      In

b)      At

c)       With

d)      Of

9) which of the following sentence Is correct:

a) When I went to kitchen mom bought : bread, butter and Milk.

b) When I went to kitchen. mom bought bread, butter and Milk

c) When I went to kitchen mom bought; bread, butter and Milk.

d) When I went to kitchen, mom bought ; bread, butter and Milk.

10)……. The owner and buyer finally agreed on a price for the house.

a)      They had been bargain for several weeks

b)      As if bargaining for several weeks

c)       After bargaining for several weeks

d)      None of the above

11) The passive of the sentence, "He will not speak a word." is:

a) A word will not be spoken by him.

b) No word will be spoken by him.

c) A word will never be spoken by him. 

d) All of the above.

12) The word similar to given sentence Is “stick made up of wood or plastic acts like lighter when friction Is applied.”

a) wave            b) wood

c) match         d) none

13) The principal and secretary _______highly impressed with overall progress of the students.

a) were                                b) was

c) are                                 d) is

14) A densely populated as the city is, there are surprisingly few people seen ……. The streets.

a) On*

b) Of

c) To

d) At

15) Don't get off the bus until it is______.

a) station                              b) stationery

c) stationary                           d) None

Entrance exam questions of Math

1) If sinQ - cosQ = 0, then Q = ?

a) 90 degree

b) 45 degree

c) 180 degree

d) 30 degree

2) Let Na={an: n is a natural number},then N6 N8

a) N2                                     b) N48

c)N8                                       d) N24

3) P & Q were brother and sister. They can do work in 6 and 12 days respectively. They started to make house but brother left after 3 days. Sister became alone so She married with her Bestfriend R and completed remaining work in 2 day. In how many days R alone can finish the work ?

a) 42

b) 24

c) 14

d) 34

4) A polynomial f(x) of degree m is divided a polynomial of degree n such that n<m, then degree of quotient is

a) m/n                                      b) m-n

c) m + n                                      d) n-m

5) A pack has 52 cards. What is probability that a card will either black or king if picked randomly?

a) 11/13

b) 4/3

c) 7/13

d) 7/3

6) For a fixed sum of money for 10 years, which one of the following scheme provides the scheme provides the maximum amount of interest during 10 years?

a) simple interest at the rate of 10% p.a.

b) compound interest at the rate of 10% p.a. compounded annually

c) compound interest at the rate of 10% p.a. compounded half yearly

d) compound interest at the rate of 10% p.a. compounded quarterly 

7) Two years ago, the population of a village was 16000.The rate of population growth of that village is 5%. Find the population of present.

a) 17640

b) 17460

c) 17064

d) 17046

8)  Two right circular cones x & y are made, x having 3 times the radius of y and y having half of the volume of x. Then the ratio of height of x and y will be:

a) 1:9

b) 9:1

c) 2:9

d) None

9)The LCM & HCF of the two numbers are 840 & 14 respectively and if one of the numbers is 42 then the other number is

a) 84

b) 280

c) 868

d) 42

10) In a final step of the calculation, a student accidentally divided by 100 instead of multiplying by 100. What should he do to correct his answer?

a) Multiply by 100                         b) multiply by 104

c) Divide by 100                           d) Multiply by 103

Entrance exam questions of Science

1) What is valency of Al?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

2) The edible part of cauliflower is____

a) Inflorescence                               b) Head

c) Thalamus                                   d) Kernel 

3) Which is water born disease?

a) small pox                                  b) Malaria

c) Tuberculosis                               d) Cholera

4) Which is more electronegative in nature?

a) Oxygen

b) F

c) Br

d) Na

5) Which is "king of acids" ?

a) HCL

b) Sulphuric acid

c) KCL

d) None of the above

6) An example of alleles is

a) AB and Tt                                  b) TT and Tt

c) T and t                                    d) X and Y

7) What is maximum number of elements in period 3rd & 4th

a) 2

b) 4

c) 5

d) 8 

8) s- block elements are present in which group?

a) gr I & II

b) gr III & IV

c) gr V & VII

d) gr III & VII

9) The metal which gives Hydrogen on treatment with acid as well as sodium hydroxide is :

a) Fe

b) Zn 

c) Cu

d) None

10) Velocity of sound in vacuum is

a) 332ms-1                               b) 332 ms-1

c) 0 ms-1                                  d) 100 ms-1

11) What type of combination is done in domestic wiring?

a) Parallel combination                   b) Series combination

c) Closed combination                     d) Mixed combination

12) Convert 52 degree Celsius into Kelvin

a) 241k

b) 221k

c) 325k

d) 102k 

13) The number of facial bones are 
a) 8
b) 14
c) 6
d) 9 

14) Who discovered Virus?
a) Adolf Mayer
b) Louis Pasteur
c) M. Beijerinck
d) None

15) Which of the following is used in search light?
a) Concave mirror
b) Plane mirror
c) Parabolic mirror
d) Curved mirror

16) The depth of pond is ....... if it seems to be 10m
a) 10m 
b) 7.7m
c) 13.3m
d) 20m 

17) Which of the following has water vascular system?
a) Silver fish
b) Sea cucumber
c) Sea anemone
d) Sycon

18) Which of the following mushroom is edible?
a) Agaricus muscaria
b) Agericuo Panthera
c) Agaricus bispora
d) All of the above

19) The deviation of light via small angled prism is independent of 
a)angle of incidence
b) angle of prism
c) ref. index of prism
d) glancing angle 

20)Which of the following gas is acidic in nature?

a) Hydrogen                               b) Nitrogen

c) Carbon dioxide                         d) Ammonia

21) A stone is dropped from the top of tower height h. If it reaches the ground in 5 seconds, find the height of tower.(Take g=10)

a) 125m                                  b) 12.5m

c) 1.25m                                 d) 25m 

22) What is the refractive index in diamond?

a) 2.42

b) 1.5

c) 1.31

d) 1.47

23) The last percentage of carbon is in:

a) Cast iron                              b) Wrought iron

c) Steel                                  d) Stainless steel

24) Wheel & axel is a 

a) Continuous lever

b) part of pulley

c) discontinuous

d) none of the above

25) Example of Lewis acid is

a) NH3                                 b) CN-

c) SnCl4                                  d) OH-

So, Only 50 questions for today.


English 1c 2a 3d 4b 5b 6c 7a 8c 9d 10c 11b 12c 13d 14a 15c

Math 1b 2d 3b 4b 5c 6d 7a 8c 9b 10b

Science 1b 2a 3d 4b 5b 6b 7d 8a 9b 10c 11a 12c 13b 14a 15c 16d 17b 18c 19a 20c 21a 22a 23b 24a 25c

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