NEB Zoology notes for class 11 (New Syllabus) pdf download Nepal | Important questions of Zoology Class 11 Nepal


In this blog, I will give you notes on Zoology class 11 neb in pdf of Handwritten notes based on the new syllabus 2022. You can download the class 11 physics handwritten notes in nepal with just 1 click.

Neb class 11 zoology notes with pdf is given in this article. You can download the pdf of class 11 zoology notes Nepal.

neb zoology notes for class 11 new syllabus

Important questions of Zoology Class 11 Nepal

Following are the Chapters of Zoology class 11 which starts from unit 6 to unit 10 but in today's article we are gonna cover following chapters only.

Lesson 6 - Introduction to Biology (1 lesson)

6.1 Introduction to biology: Scope and branches of biology. Relation to other science. (1 lesson)

Lesson 7 - Evolutionary Biology (15 teaching hours)

7.1 Life and its origin: Oparin-Haldane theory, Miller and Urey experiment. (2 lessons)

7.2 Evidence of evolution: Morphological, Anatomical, Paleontological, Embryological and Biochemical. (5 teaching hours)

7.3 Evolutionary theory: Lamarckism, Darwinism and the concept of neo-Darwinism. (3 lessons)

7.4 Human evolution: Man's position in the animal kingdom. Differences between New World Monkeys and Old World Monkeys, Great Apes and Man. The evolution of modern man from an anthropoid ancestor. (5 teaching hours)

NEB Zoology notes for class 11 (New Syllabus) pdf download Nepal

You can download this note from the following link.

Zoology Note 1

Zoology Note 2

Zoology Note 3

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