45 Important Question of Physics Class 11 NEB | NEB Physics important questions - By Ganesh

So, In this article I'll give you important question of physics class 11 neb (chapterwise). Also you can download neb important questions for physics at the last of the article. These are very important questions for class 11 physics for neb students.

So, Let's get started

Important question of physics class 11 NEB "Chapterwise"

In this article, I'll give you Mechanics important questions for neb. These are most repeated questions of Physics in NEB , so you should not leave any of these questions below: 

1. Physical Quantities

(Not any long questions)

2. Vectors

  • Parallelogram law of Vector addition
  • Triangle law of Vector addition

3. Kinematics

  • Projectile fired at an angle theta with horizontal

4. Laws of Motion

  • Relation betn angle of friction & angle of repose
  • State and explain the principle of conservation of linear momentum hence derive it from Newton's law of motion

5. Work and Energy

  • State and prove conservation of mechanical energy.
  • Derive an expression to calculate workdone by a variable force.
  • Prove that the colliding objects exchange their velocities in one dimensional elastic collision.

( New: Work done by a constant and a variable force.)

6. Circular Motion

  • Time period of Conical Pendulum.
  • Define centripetal force and Deduce it's expression. ( Why a force is needed to keep a body moving with uniform speed in a circular motion?)
  • Motion of a bi cycle on a curved road
  • motion of a car moving round in a circular banked track

I highly recommend you to watch this in Video format as well by clicking in the video

7. Gravitation

  • Expression for GPE and Establish it's dimension
  • Variation of acceleration due to gravity below the earth's surface
  • Variation of acceleration due to gravity with the altitude
  • (Variation of acceleration due to gravity with rotation)
  • Relation for Gravitational potential at a point due to point mass
  • (Artificial Satellite)
  • Escape velocity from the surface of earth
  • Orbital velocity and time period of the satellite revolving around the earth
  • Total Energy of the Satellite revolving around the earth

8) Equilibrium

(Not any long questions)

9. Rotational Dynamics

  • Work done by Couple
  • Expression of Rotational Kinetic energy in terms of Moment of inertia
  • Relation between Angular momentum and Moment of Inertia
  • moment of inertia  of a uniform rod passing through the centre and perpendicular to its length
  • moment of inertia of a uniform rod passing through one end and perpendicular to its length
  • Relation between Torque and Moment of Inertia

10. Elasticity

  • Energy stored in a stretched wire
  • Hooke's law
  • Determination of Young's modulus of elasticity
  • Different types of Elasticity

11. Periodic Motion (*Not in New Syllabus)

  • Simple Harmonic Motion (Time Period)
  • Simple Harmonic Motion (Relation between acceleration and displacement of Particle)
  • Simple Harmonic Motion (Total Energy)
  • Time Period of  Simple pendulum 

12. Fluid Mechanics (*Not in New Syllabus)

12.1 Fluid Statics

(Not any long questions)

12.2 Surface Tension

  • Rise of liquid in a capillary tube
  • Relation between Surface tension and Surface Energy

12.3 Viscosity

  • Poiseulle's formula 
  • Bernoulli's equation
  • Terminal Velocity
  • Newton's law of Viscosity
  • Determination of Stokes law by Dimensional method

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