20 Important Long questions of Physical chemistry Class 11 - by Ganesh Gautam


20 Important Long questions of  Physical chemistry Class 11

These are important questions of physical chemistry class 11  and neb class 11 chemistry important questions as you all know, we don't have to read all the questions from the whole book.Let me tell you my opinion on Physical Chemistry is:-

Physical chemistry = Numerical

but also we have some important long questions of chemistry class 11 in nepali which will be listed as below.

20 Important Question of Chemistry Class 11 Nepal "Physical Chemistry"

    1. State and explain Avogadro'g hypothesis. How this theory can be used to determine the molecular weight of a gas?
    2. State and Explain Boyle's law and 
    3. State and Explain Charle's law. 
    4. Derive PV =nRT
    5. Postulates of Kinetic molecular theory of gases.
    6. State and Explain Dalton's law of Partial Pressure.and it's 2 applications
    7. State and Explain Graham's law of diffusion and it's 2 application
    8. Postulate of Bohr Theory of atomic model
    9. Rutherford alpha ray scattering experiments and its limitations
    10. How Bohr's atomic model explain the origin of hydrogen spectra? Sketch and name various spectral species observed in the atomic spectrum of hydrogen.
    11. Hund's rule of maximum multiplicity (2069)
    12. Advantages of modern periodic table with its statement
    13. Mendeleev's periodic table and it's demerits with its statement
    14. What is periodicity? How to atomic radii vary in a group and in a period? and why?
    15. Diff betn oxidn and redn in terms of electronic concept
    16. Relationship between Kp and Kc
    17. Law of Mass action and characteristics of equilibrium constant
    18. Statement of Le- Chatelier's principle and its application

Bonus Long Questions of Physical Chemistry Class 11 NEB

  1. What is Redox reaction and balance the equation by redox reaction concept.
  2. Explain Quantum number.
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Physical Chemistry Important Questions Class 11

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