How to get 4 GPA in just 4 days | Do this to get A+ in BLE, SEE and NEB exam



I will tell you 5 ways to study when you've exam in less than 4 days.

I was very excellent student of my class back in the days when I was studying in class 6, class 7 but when I go to class 8 i.e BLE exam, I got third position in my class. 

I made so many mistakes which cause my study so much. So I will tell you about the mistakes and some tips & tricks for your BLE exam or any other exam.

In this article, Mainly I will be focusing on BLE EXAM but these things are applicable for all students.

how to study for exams in short time


Hi, My name is Ganesh Gautam and I was topper in each class till my class 8th or BLE exam ( jilla istariya parixya: at our time). But I got third position in my class 8th final exam. It is the short story of first failure of my life.

I don't even know what is going on, I usually top every exam without studying, but even when I studied for BLE exam I got 3rd position.

(3rd position is not bad by the way, but think of it, if you're always a first boy and then suddenly you got 3rd position, not even second, so you definitely feel bad. Same was happened with me at that time)

Now let's come to the main part.

Why I got third position in my BLE EXAM?

It was the age when I think about something other than study as well. Don't get me wrong, I am saying that I got distracted by other things such as music, "friendship is the best" kind of thoughts, show-off of something that I've like mobile, speaker etc.

BTW I got my first phone in my class 8th. But at that time, we don't have games like PUBG, FREE FIRE, MINE CRAFT, COC etc. Also we don't have internet to watch youtube videos. So, how do I get distracted by mobile phone?

The answer is I was just addicted to music, I play music everywhere, in every situation like while eating, while studying, while sleeping, everywhere. Also I've one speaker at that time, so you can Imagine how much I addicted to music.

So, music is the one reason that I got third position in my BLE EXAM.

But I also got certain friends who used to tell me that 

  • you're a topper, you don't have to study 
  • you have a great mind you can easily pass the exam, 
  • why you have to study at all kind of things.

And I believed what they told and I never studied at home at all. And the result is I don't become topper at 8th class.

So, believing what other's saying without doing anything effort by yourself is the second reason. 

So, these are 2 main reasons but Now, I will tell you what I learnt in these 6 years about study that will help you to get 4 GPA in just 4 DAYS.


But before that, I assume you attained at least 80% of your classes that means you've something in your mind already.

So, as I told above now is the time to get rid of all friendship and all your distractions. This is the very first step of getting A+ marks in very few days.

So, Now let's talk about 5 actionable steps which you've to do everyday:

  1. Making timetable is bad thing?
  2. Don't have to wake up very early?
  3. You can read anywhere you want to?
  4. Reading without plan is the best way?
  5. Reading from Youtube is BAD?

1. Making timetable is bad thing?

If you've exams in less than 4 days, you must think about your schedule at first. Having a good timetable will help you to reach your goal very realistically.
Okay, I understand you're also one of the boy/girl who just hate to make the timetable. I get it. So, I've a very great, easy and effective solution just for you:

Don't make timetable like you're making till now, do this instead. 
  • Just before going to bed, grab a pen and paper.
  • write down what you want to study tomorrow or what you've to study tomorrow.
  • Make list of topics that you want to read.
  • Tomorrow after finishing the task, cut down all the topics you wrote yesterday.

I found this one of the best method, maybe it will not work for you but do give it a try. So, let's talk about another step.

2. Don't wake up very early?

I know waking up early is very difficult task for all of us, especially if you're like me. But this is the quote I found from internet.


The quote itself says everything about this so, if you are really passionate about getting 4 GPA in this very short time then you must have to wake up early, whether it is raining outside or it is so cold outside.

Also waking up early gives you enough free time to read which will help you to reach your goal.

3. You can read anywhere you want to?

I used to read on bed, on flour and that was my biggest mistake when I was small. (sometimes is okay but always is bad)
Bed is made for sleeping and flour is not right place for study because our backbone structure suffers because of that and we can't focus for long time in that way.

So, I found that studying in table chair is one of the best method to study and it is easier, comfortable and we can study for very longer hours in table chair.

4.Reading without plan is the best way?

You know what why we failed to study for longer hours?
Because we did not trained ourselves to read for longer hours before the exam time. So what to I mean by that?
Did you ever made a plan before reading? ask yourself.
If yes then you're at the right tract but if no, then go and make the plan before studying. Plan should contain anything like
  • when will you start to study
  • when will you stop
  • what are the thing that needed for you while reading
  • which subjects are you reading today
  • what would be the schedule
  • and so on..
Make plan before studying which will help you to stay focused for longer hours. But do this only if you can't read for 2-3 hours continuously. But if you can study, you don't have to make and waste your time on this.

5. Reading from Youtube is BAD?

Yes, exactly if you've very few time and you wanna achieve something bigger then you should not study from youtube because of some reasons.

- when you open youtube you've some recommendations in homepage and it is true that you will get lost in these recommendations.

- Okay I agree you go to youtube and search what you want and then watch that video but youtube will suggest some more interesting videos. And you can't wait to click and again you'll get lost in youtube.

- Okay I agree you don't wanna waste your time by watching that longer videos, but youtube also have shorter videos as well like less than one minute i.e #shorts. You think that it's only 10 seconds video so let's watch it but after that you're just scrolling one by one videos and you get lost in youtube shorts.

So, I suggest you to read from your book, your teachers but not on youtube. But you can read from youtube only if you've determination to watch that only one video that you searched for.

Also I've told LMTD rule in this video which will help you to read for more than 5.56 hours a day. So watch it.


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