Top 5 Best applications for SEE exam preparation | Download these apps to get A+ in SEE Exam


In this article, I will explain about top 5 applications for your SEE exam preparations. You can download these applications and study from there. These applications are designed for SEE students which will help you to get A+ (4 GPA) in your SEE exam.

Top 5 Best applications for SEE exam

You can easily find these applications in Google play store. But also I will give the link to download these applications from this article. So, here is the list of our 5 applications:
  1. Mero School
  2. SEE Books
  3. Class 10 Nepali guide
  4. SEE model questions
  5. SEE class 10 Notes

These are only 5 applications for see exam preparation but I have one more which is the bonus of this article, you can scroll down to know about that application also. So, now let's talk about each applications.

1. Mero School

Mero school is an online educational application which provides various courses for primary leve, secondary level and also for higher secondary level. It also contain courses related to Share Market, Digital Marketing and various other categories also. But besides all these good things, here's one condition and that is you need to purchase the courses which cost around NRs. 199 to NRs. 1999.

For more detail about this application is given is following video.

Of course this is paid application which most of us don't want to purchase but here are other options that can help in your SEE journey. You can download the application by following link.

2) SEE Books

It is free application which contain pdf of all books in one software. If you lost your any book then you can get pdf of whole book in this application for free. I loved this software because it has every book in English as well as Nepali medium. And also it has good review in google play store.

For more detail about this application is given is following video.

3) Class 10 Nepali guide

Although this application is only for Nepali subject but it has everything you need in Nepali exam. It has "byakaran, sabda vandar, and exercises too. So, in my opinion it is good application for only Nepali subject. It contain advertisements and also it is laggy.
For more detail about this application is given is following video.

4) SEE model questions

This app consists of previous year questions, model questions and marking schemes everything. I loved this application because this is the replacement of PYQ book or Old is Gold book for class 10 students in Nepal. Literally you don't need to buy Ten Set book if you have this application in your phone.

5)SEE class 10 Notes

It is the best application for class 10 (SEE students). Literally you can call it as a gift of god for see students. It contains everything you need, like SEE notes of each and every subjects, guide of every subject, question answer solved and many more.
It has 4.5 star rating in Google play store and many students like this application. You can download this application from following download button.

6) Bonus Application: SEE All subject complete guide

Also I have another bonus application for those of you who read till now, this is literally the best application I found on Google play store and I made a complete video about this application. So, if you want to watch that full video, then watch from here:

It has 4.5 star rating in Google play store and I personally like this app because it has so good interface and it is offline as well as it is advertisement free also.
Hands down for this application.

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