Complete Note of Zoology Class 11 in Nepal [pdf download] | Important questions of Biology (New Syllabus)


In this blog, I will provide you class 11 biology notes pdf based on new syllabus 2022. You can download the pdf of Handwritten notes for part zoology. You can download the class 11 zoology handwritten notes in Nepal with just 1 click.

Zoology notes for class 11 pdf download

The following note below include zoology notes for class 11. This note is easy to understand and to remember. This note includes following topics which is important from exam point of view.

Important topics of  zoology Class 11 (NEB)

This note covers all the important questions of zoology which are given below:

  • origin and evolution of life
  • evidences of evolution
  • paramecium
  • malaria parasite
  • maleria
  • adaptation
  • animal behaviour
  • environmental pollution

Phylums of invertebrates

  1. phylum: protozoa
  2. phylum: porifera
  3. phylum: coelenterata
  4. phylum: platyhelminthes
  5. phylum: nemathelminthes
  6. phylum: Annelida
  7. phylum: arthopoda
  8. phylum: mollusca
  9. phylum: echinodermata

Class of Vertebrates

  1. Class: Pisces
  2. Class: Amphibia
  3. Class: Reptilia
  4. Class: Aves
  5. Class: Mammalia

Download note of zoology class 11 (NEB)

Note: Since this is a handwritten note, so there are some words which are erased and can not be visible clearly. It is due to the error during scanning by Camscanner app.

You can download this note from the following link.

Zoology Note 1

Zoology Note 2

Zoology Note 3

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