Entrance Exam Questions for Class 11


 Entrance Exam MCQs Practice!!

"Science & Management Subject"

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The following MCQs are already asked in many colleges, I collect them and present to you for your practice. First try to solve these MCQs by yourself without seeing answers which will help your mind to work, Don't just see answers and copy that answers.



1) We played...... dinner we had yesterday.

a. a

b. an

c. the

d. none

2) It is ..... unique temple of Kathmandu.

a. a

b. an

c. the

d. none

3) That boy ...... books in his bag.

a. has not

b. does not have any

c. does not have some

d. does not has any

4) What ..... yesterday?

a. did you do

b. do you do

c. you did do

d. you did

5) We should fight .... poverty.

a. against

b. for

c. from

d. above

6) He has jealous ..... his brother's good fortune.

a. for

b. with

c. of

d. over

7) I don't know ..... Fewa Lake is located.

a. which

b. when

c. whose

d. where

8) She is the widow..... husband is dead.

a. which

b. whom

c. whose

d. where

9) People like.... in a big city.

a. living

b. for living

c. to live

d. about living

10) Do not forget ...... your dress before dinner.

a. changing

b. change

c. to change

d. to be changed.

11) Civics ..... a hard subject.

a. is

b. were

c. are

d. has

12) Geeta, cleaned the room......

a. herself

b. yourself

c. ourselves

d. herselves

13) The passive of this statement "I have already finished my homework" is

a. My homework has already finished.

b. My homework has been already finished by me.

c. My homework has already been finished.

d. My homework already has been finished.

14) Rita has given me a pen, it means, I ..... a pen.

a. am given

b. has given

c. have been given

d. have been giving

15) Ram got his servant..... the room

a. clean

b. to clean

c. cleaned

d. cleaning

16) She is declared …… in the first division. 

a) to have passed 

b) to pass 

c) to have been passed 

d) to passed

17) Last year, he went home ____________Christmas Day. 

a) at 

b) to 

c) in 

d) on

18) The passive of “She loves people taking her photograph.” is: 

a) People are loved taking her photograph. 

b) She loves to be photographed. 

c) She loves people to take her photograph. 

d) She loves having her photograph taken.

20) I said to my brother, "Let us go to some hill station for a change.". The indirect form is 

a) I suggested to my brother that we should go to some hill station for a change. 

b) I asked my brother if he would go to some hill station for a change. 

c) I asked my brother to go to some hill station for a change. 

d) I permitted by brother to go to some hill station for a change.

21) She dares to love, …… ? 

a) dare she 

b) daren't she 

c) don't she 

d) doesn't she

22) One who hates men is called _____________ . 

a) misogynist 

b) misogamist 

c) misanthrope 

d) misandrist

23) "This is the beginning og the end" is a : 

a) Paradox 

b) Simile 

c) Idiom 

d) Metaphor

24) Radha is still unmarried. Do you know _________married? 

a) when will she get 

b) when will she be 

c) when she will get 

d) none

25) where is..........?

a the office of the manager's

b.the office of the manager

c.the manager's office

d.the manager office

26) _____________, please give me a call.

a) If he came 

b) Should he come

c) If he come 

d) None of them

27) She would certainly come to see me if weather_______.

a) remains fine                        
b) remained fine
c) would be fine                       
d) wouldn't be fine

28) That mistake was the worsts.....all 

a. of

b. than


d. beyond

29) Obama prefers …… German to Spanish. 

a) the 

b) nothing 

c) a 

d) an

30) __________ Rara Lake is popular all over the world. 

a) The 

b) A 

c) An 

d) None

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1. The

2. an

3. doesot have any

4) did you do

5. against

6. for

7. where

8. whose

9. to live

10. to change

11. is

12. yourself

13. b  

14. c 

 15. to clean

16. to pass

17. on

18. a


20. a

21. doesn't she?

22. d

23. Idiom

24. b

25. d

26. d

27. b




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