Ctevt Entrance Exam Model Questions


Ctevt entrance exam model questions 2077

CTEVT Entrance Exam Questions Series – 2

So, Hello Everyone!

This is our “CTEVT Entrance Exam Questions” Series – 2. We already complete our first series in previous blog. Now, in this blog I will give you 25 more questions regarding your entrance exam.

It can be applicable for all the streams like Science, Management, Arts, Education, A- Levels, CTEVT and etc.

So, do solve all these MCQ’s and write your answer in the comment section.


1) I attend the meeting..... my father.

a. in spite of

b. instead

c. in front of

d. because of


2) "He found something in the room" The Yes/No question of this statement is:

a. Did he find anything in the room?

b. Did he found anything in the room?

c. Did he find something in the room?

d. Did he find anything in the room?


3) Hari  ......  his work by tomorrow morning.

a. will finish

b. will have finished

c. will have been finished.

d. will has finished.


4) If I ..... a teacher, I would teach the students well.

a. am

b. was

c. were

d. have


5) Where ..... this T.V yesterday?

a. did you buy

b. you bought

c. do you buy

d. did you bought


6) Sarita plays .... flute well.

a. a

b. an

c. the

d. none


7) I congratulate you ..... your success.

a. on

b. at

c. in

d. for


8) You'd better go out, .....?

a. didn't you

b. hadn't you

c. had not you

d. wouldn't you


9) If you tried again, you .....

a. will succeed

b. would have succeeded

c. would have succeed

d. would succeed


10) Look! Someone .... at the door.

a. Knocks

b. is knocking

c. was knocking

d. will knocking

I highly recommend you to watch this video



11) Which of the following property belongs to sound wave?

a. Transverse wave

b. Electromagnetic wave

c. Radio wave

d. Mechanical wave


12) Which of the following relation is called Ohm's law?

a. P= I x V

b. Q = I x t

c. V = I x R

d. All of the above


13) Which of the following glass is known as Pyrex glass?

a. Borosilicate glass

b. Lead crystal glass

c. Quartz glass

d. Soda glass


14) Which of the follwing is not sensory nerve?

a. Auditory nerve

b. Olfactory nerve

c. Optic nerve

d. Motor nerve


15) Virus is called obligatory parasite, why?

a. Because virus do not have complete cellular structure.

b. Because virus completely depends on other organisms.

c. Because virus is made of DNA and RNA.

d. All of the above.


16) Non metals have electronegative property because......

a. They loose electrons during chemical reactions.

b. They neither loose nor gain electrons during chemical reactions.

c. They gain electrons during chemical reactions.

d. None of the above.


17) Which of the following instrument follows Pascal's las?

a. Hydraulic brake

b. Lactometer

c. Voltameter

d. Calorimeter


18) Which of the following works as producer in an ecosystem?

a. Algae

b. Peteridophytes

c. Bryophytes

d. All of the above


19) Specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J/kg°C it means:

a. 4200 J heat energy needed to increase temperature by 1°C.

b. 4200 J heat energy needed to increase temperature of 1 Kg pure water by 1°C.

c. 4200 J heat energy needed to change 1 kg ice into water.

d. None of the above.


20) What kind of bond is made in between Magnesium and chlorine in case of MgCl2 ?

a. Covalent bond

b. Co- ordinate covalent bond

c. Electrovalent bond

d. a and c both


Answers will be uploaded tomorrow, Visit this site tomorrow again.

Till then do solve another 30 Questions by from Here.


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