Interview Questions for Students in Nepal


Interview Questions for Students Applying to College in Nepal

I was from a government school, So I often found this problem in each college "How to give interview for college admission." As time flews, I grow myself and now I am capable to give any interview anywhere and also I am sure that I will get passed in that particular interview as well.

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So, In this article, I will share with you 5 tips on how to present yourself into Interview whether it is College interview or any other Job interviews. 

1) Don't try to be oversmart:
Look, this is the main point because many of us don't think too much about the interview, we just go and said any answers that came into our mind. But this is very wrong because interviewer wants the best to best answer to select you, So you must be prepared for this.

2) Good Dressed:
This is the major mistake that we do always in interview. because we want to look handsome/ beautiful and also want to look in attitude  and we dressed like celebrity in interview, so interviewer think that we are trying to impress them with the dressup style. But this is wrong, Interviewer don't want to look at your dress, they mainly want your talent.

3) Don't be Long Hairy and Bad Smells from Body:
You might think that Long hairy makes you smart, but this is the major thing that every companies as well as colleges hate the most. "what is wrong with the Long hair??" you might think this and I know at this age we want long hair and want to look better than our friends, but trust me as you grow a little bit you found that this is the worst thing you've ever done.

4) Don't Worry and be Confident 
Even though you are a best speaker but while giving answers to interviewer, if you are worrying about mistakes that you made in previous interview and loose confidence in talking then interviewer will catch you at that time, so make sure to become a confident speaker and if you can not do then just remember that "The interviewer is also human"

5) Be Yourself:
Some of us are trying to give our best in interviewer and don't want to make a single mistake as well and we write a script and just trying to remember it. But the interviewer want conversation with you not the script, so make sure you speak properly without script. Remember "Being Yourself is Being Unique and the Company or College want uniques"

Now we are going to discuss about "Common Interview Questions" that actually asked in the interview

1. Introduce Yourself.
2. How's your previous school?  Tell something about you previous school.
3. Tell me something about your family members.
4. Why you want this college as your +2?
5. How do you know about this college?

These 5 questions are the major questions that every colleges can ask. Just be yourself and give it a full shot. Don't Worry and be confident while answering.

Now Let's talk about the questions that are related to Your Syllabus. The following Questions are just an examples of questions but the interviewer can ask from wherever they want.

1) What is the formula of Gravitational Constant?
2) Define Redundancy.
3) What is the specific gravity of Copper?
4) What is Archimedes Principle?
5) Different between Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Fission.
6) What is the Scientific name of Frog and Earthworm?
7) A bullet is projected vertically upwards with a velocity of 150 m/s. How long does the bullet remain in air?
8) Write the molecular formula of Chalk.
9) What is valency of Potassium, Barium and Magnesium?
10) State the first law of motion.

and so on...

In this way you can have a idea that "How to give interview in school / Colleges" and types of questions that will asked during you interview of your college.
So, Congratulations you have passed your entrance examination and now it's time to give your best in your interview as well. So Best of Luck guys!!

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