Management Entrance Exam for Class 11


 Class 11 Entrance Exam Questions Nepal

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Entrance Exam Questions for Class 11 Management


1)      The area of the floor is 900 cm2  and the area of one piece of marble is 30 cm2  . How many marbles will it required to cover the floor?

a.       27000

b.      270

c.       300

d.      30


2)      What are the factors of x2  - 5x + 6 ?

a.       x -3 and x + 2

b.      x +3 and x + 2

c.       x -3 and x - 2

d.      x +3 and x – 2


3)      Find H.C.F of 5, 15, 20 and 25 ?

a.       15

b.      25

c.       20

d.      5


4)      If x:y = 2:5, what will be the  value of x - 3y/5 ?

a.       10

b.      0

c.       1

d.      3


5)      Solve the equation 3x + 3x+2 = 30

a.       1

b.      2

c.       3

d.      0


6)      The radius of a circle is 13cm. A chord is at a distance of 5 cm from centre. The length of the chords is ....

a.       24 cm

b.      12 cm

c.       18 cm

d.      30cm


7)      x, x+1 and x+2 are the sides of a right angled triangle. The value of x is,

a.       1

b.      3

c.       2

d.      2.5


8)      In frequency distribution, the difference between the highest and the lowest value is called

a.       Range

b.      Mean

c.       Median

d.      Mode


9)      The median of the series 3,7,5,13,9,11 is …….

a.       13

b.      9.28

c.       9

d.      13.28


    The probability of getting a 4 when a dice is rolled is …..

a.       3

b.      2/3

c.       1/6

d.      3/2



11) You will be punished for ..... you have done.

a. what

b. when

c. while

d. whom


12) The positive of this statement "Bibek didnot have any money in his poket" is ....

a. Bibek had any money in his pocket.

b. Bibek did have some money in his pocket.

c. Bibek has have some money in his pocket.

d. Bibek had some money in his pocket.


13) I am going to have my parents .... a new house.

a. build

b. to build

c. built

d. building

14) Ramesh asked me.....

a. where you are

b. where was I

c. where I was

d. where you were


15) The indirect of this statement, Sunita said to Gopal,"You were my best friend" is:

a. Sunita told Gopal that he had been her best friend.

b. Sunita told to Gopal that he had been her best friend.

c. Sunita told Gopal that she had been his best friend.

d. Sunita told Gopal that she was his best friend.


16) The passive voice of this statement "He should respect our teachers sincerely" is:

a. Our teachers should be respected sincerely.

b. Our teachers should be sincerely respected.

c. Our teachers should sincerely respected.

d. Our teachers should be sincerely respected by us.


17) The teacher and singer ..... in his office.

a. is

b. are

c. were

d. has


18) Boys prepare their homework ....

a. himself

b. themselves

c. themself

d. himself


19) We go to cinema ..... we can enjoy ourselves.

a. because

b. therefore

c. so that

d. so that


20) ..... you work hard, you will not pass.

a. If

b. Despite

c. Unless

d. Because

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