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How to download pdf of state of matter class 11 notes. In this post you'll get best chemistry notes for class 11 (state of matter chapter) and you can download pdf of class 11 chemistry notes neb (new syllabus) in Nepal.

What is Dalton's law of partial equation?

It states that if a mixture of two or more than two gases which don't react chemically is enclosed in a vessel, the total pressure exerted by the gases is equal to the sum of their partial pressure. The partial pressure of any component of the gas mixture is defined as the pressure which the gas would exert if present alone.

What is Ideal gas equation?

The gases which obeys Boyle's law and Charles's law at all condition of temperature and pressure are called ideal gases. The combined gas law which is specified for an ideal gas is called ideal gas equation.
i.e PV = nRT
where P = pressure, V = volume, n = number of moles of gas, R = Universal gas constant or molar gas constant, T = Temperature

What is Combined gas equation?

Boyles law and Charles law separately gives the variation of volume of gas with pressure and temperature respectively. The combination of these two laws gives combined gas equation.

What is Avogadro's law?

Avogadro's law of hypothesis states that equal volume of all gases under similar condition of temperature and pressure contains equal number of molecules.

What is Absolute zero?

Absolute zero may be defined as lowest theoretically possible temperature at which gases molecules don't passes any kinetic energy and volume of gas becomes zero. In this way Charles law led to bring discovery of absolute scale of temperature and its relation with Celsius scale.

State of Matter Class 11 Notes pdf download
state of matter notes class 11

What is Charles's law?

It states that at constant pressure volume of the gas may increases or decreases by 1/273 of it's volume at zero degree Celsius for each degree rise or fall in temperature. According to Charles law, at constant pressure volume of the given amount of gas is directly proportional to absolute temperature.

What is Boyle's law?

It states that, at constant temperature the volume of certain amount of gas is inversely proportional to the pressure exerted on it. According to Boyles law, at constant temperature, the product of pressure and volume remains constant.

What is Gas law?

The microscopic behavior of gases can be described by certain generalizations. These generalized observations are called gas laws.

Measurable properties of gases:

  • Mass and amount
  • Volume
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

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