Top 10 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada For International Students. (Companies + Real Earnings)

Are you an international student coming to Canada and you also want to work here to cover your living expenses or maybe even tuition fees well. Then you need to know about the top ten highest-paying companies in Canada.

And on this list, I'll give you not just the highest-paying companies that pay the most and do not require any schooling for the jobs but also companies that are the best to work for companies that offer career growth and the treat employees the best.

I am so excited to present this list of the top ten highest-paying companies to you and as I said, in the beginning, these companies do not require any prior schooling you are getting on-the-job training and getting paid the most in Canada for a starter job.

I will also be sharing a bonus that you don't want to miss so read the whole article all the way through. So let's jump straight into the list number 10 on the list. 

Top 10 highest paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students

10) Air Canada call center

Air Canada as the representative of their call center you'll be making $14 per hour not bad I think.

9) The Keg Steakhouse

Here you will be making $15 per hour as a prep cook or a server and keep in mind that either of those positions get tips on top of their salary, so expect to double or even triple what you make per hour with the tips. 
In Canada tips are mandatory, so if you want to cover your tuition fees, working here part-time, I definitely recommend working as a server.

8) The Caregiver

$15 per hour and this job is not listed by a specific company, in fact, it's a bonus I wanted to give you. You just search your local nursing home or Hospital and they always hire caregivers, dietary aids, and so on.
Those positions make really good money as not a lot of people want to work with older people. You might want to consider that if you really want to cover your expenses in Canada. 

You know what I thought you might be interested in the top 10 cheapest universities in Canada that's why recently I made a list and the list is up here you can check that video out right after you finish reading this article.

7) The Sephora

Are you good at makeup? Well, I have good news for you that Sephora the internationally renowned beauty company hires artists and pays them $15 per hour that's not bad for something that you love to do.

6) Costco 

Here, they pay you $16 per hour and more. Here you will be doing some simple tasks such as being a packer or uploading new products.

5) TD trust 

Being one of the biggest banks in the world you'll make around $17 per hour as a customer service representative. 

4) FedEx

You have probably already heard about Fed Ex. This delivery company pays their drivers upwards from $18 per hour that's really good.
For 3 on the list as one of my favorite companies.

3) Apple

You'll be making $18.50 per hour as a specialist or a sales representative in other words and it's not just about the money as Apple offers multiple benefits to their employees.

2) Amazon Driver

Working for this giant operated and owned by the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, you'll be making 19 dollars or even more as a driver. 

1) Telus 

The telecommunications giant in Canada and even the world. You'll be making $20 or more as their customer support representative.

I was so happy to have you here with me in this website. If you found it informational share it with someone who might need to read this.

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