Complete Note of Electricity and Magnetism Class 12 Physics (New Syllabus) 2022


In this blog, I will give you notes of electricity and magnetism of class 12 neb based on the new syllabus. These class 12 physics notes will help you to get better scores in Neb. Download neb notes of electricity and magnetism in 2022 within just 1 click.

Class 12 Electricity and Magnetism physics notes Nepal

electricity and magnetism class 12 notes
Electricity and Magnetism notes class 12

This note includes everything you need in the note of electricity and magnetism chapter of physics of class 12. This note include the following topics:

Important Topics from Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Biot- Savart Law and it's applications.
  2. Magnetic field at the centre of circular coil.
  3. Magnetic field on the axis of the circular coil.
  4. Magnetic field at a point due to long straight conductor.
  5. Ampere's Theorem
  6. Magnetic field due to straight conductor
  7. Magnetic field inside the solenoid
  8. Force between two parallel current carrying conductors.
  9. Relation between Magnetic Permeability and Magnetic susceptibility.
  10. Faraday's law of Electromagnetic Induction.
  11. Induced emf in a straight conductor
  12. Induced emf in a rotating coil/ rectangular coil.( Principle of AC or DC generator)
  13. Lenz's Law
  14. Energy stored in an Inductor
  15. Principle, Construction, Working, Efficiency and Losses of Transformer.
These 15 questions are from the Magnetism chapter of class 12 Physics.
Now is the turn of the Electricity chapter. Following are the major topics to read before NEB exam and following are the important questions or topics of the electricity chapter of the Physics book.
  1. Alternating currents.
  2. AC through R-L circuit
  3. AC through R-C circuit
  4. AC through L-C-R circuit
I include only these 3 important topics of the Electricity chapter in this blog, the remaining other topics will be uploaded in the next blog. So, make sure to be connected with me on my Youtube.

Electricity and Magnetism Physics Class 12 Notes

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