Want A Job After College? Here are the Top 10 Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2023


2022 is gone, so here are the top 10 programming languages you should learn in 2023 to get a job right after your college. This article is a complete guide for you before learning any programming languages in 2023.

A few IT occupations today are requesting for their representatives to have a strong handle of the top programming dialects - indeed, multiple. In the event that you are somebody who is hoping to progress in your vocation and are searching for the best programming language to realize, this would be the right aide for you.

Top 10 Programming Languages to learn in 2023

You should consider a few viewpoints, for example, readiness to learn, trouble level, existing information, your motivation to gain proficiency with the top programming dialects, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

Whether you need to get a certificate in programming or figure out how to foster versatile applications, there is a need to become familiar with the best programming language. Through this blog, we will discuss the best programming language to learn in 2023, the yearly compensation projection, and its intricacy.

1. Python

Python beat the rundown. It is quick, simple to-utilize, and simple to-convey, thus it is prescribed as the principal language to learn. Python is generally used to foster adaptable web applications. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are totally implicit Python. So it is the most flexible of the top programming dialects to learn in 2023.


 the Mid-level Python developer salary in the USA is around $111,899 in 2022.

2. Java 

Java is seemingly the most famous programming language you've heard. There's an extraordinary saying "compose once run all over", catches one of the keys that make Java so important. This flexibility, joined with the scope of accessible expansions, can make Java a strong expansion to the developer's tool kit and that is the reason it is known as the workhorse of programming


Java Programmer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.4 Lakhs to ₹ 8.1 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.8 Lakhs.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript has been casted a ballot as the most well known language by engineers in the Stack Flood's Designer Review for quite a long time. It assumes a significant part in front end improvement as it enjoys the benefit of being very light weight. It is likewise one of the most favored dialects as it is viable with every one of the significant programs.

Javascript can do nearly anything these days, and sensibly well. Nothing beats JavaScript for in-program prearranging and web applications. Thus it is in our best 10 programming dialects to learn in the 2023 rundown.


The average javascript developer salary is 115,000 per year or $55.29 per hour in US.

4.  C and C++ 

The foundation of programming dialects like C#, Java, and Javascript, C is perhaps of the most established language that is regularly utilized. In the event that you are searching for the best programming language to learn, you should learn C as it gives an establishment to C++ improvement too. In software engineering and in programming, C and C++ are broadly utilized.


C and C++ are both viewed as superior execution dialects and are broadly utilized in regions where execution is vital, like business items (Adobe), client/server applications, and computer games as well. A C and C++ software engineer procures a typical compensation of $76,500 every year, as per Glassdoor.

5. PHP 

Notwithstanding the truth that, PHP is dropping the battle of Python and JavaScript, it is still enormously positioned on the lookout. Today, around 70% of sites use PHP, and in WordPress, around 90% of the code is composed utilizing this language.

PHP represents Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is the language of servers and subsequently came to our rundown of top programming dialects to learn in 2023.


The national average salary for a PHP developer is $68,685 in the US.

6. GO

Created by Google in 2007 for APIs and web applications, Go programming language has as of late begun becoming one of the quickest developing programming dialects. Go is famous because of its effortlessness. It can deal with multicore frameworks and gigantic codebases. Go is otherwise called Golang and is famous among huge IT organizations because of the language structure commonality and straightforwardness of purpose. Jerk, Dropbox, and Uber are a portion of the organizations that are utilizing Go as their programming language. Go has acquired prevalence among information researchers because of its presentation and spryness.


A Go engineer can procure a typical compensation of $92,000 each year, and acquire up to $134,000 as indicated by glassdoor. 


MATLAB was initially delivered during the 1980s and is a restrictive programming language claimed by MathWorks. Matlab was worked to be utilized by architects and researchers and is utilized to construct AI and profound learning applications. It is additionally used to make calculations, check research, process pictures, and investigate information.


The MathWorks site has a broad area that permits you to become familiar with Matlab. A Matlab designer procures a typical compensation of $101,000 every year, as per ZipRecruiter.


Programming dialects have forever been interesting. We can accomplish such countless unimaginable things as programming advances. Furthermore, that thought moves a significant number of us to take up coding.

Be that as it may, before you step into the universe of programming, having a general thought regarding the best coding dialects to learn will help. In this article, we have talked about the best programming language to learn for fledglings to track down their door language. We truly trust that this article had the option to assist you with your inquiries.

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