How I got accepted in Daraz Affiliate Program Nepal (in 24 hours)


Ok, so you tried to make money from affiliate marketing in Nepal and among all other affiliate programs in Nepal, you liked Daraz Nepal affiliate Program.

And you filled the daraz form but you haven't got email of being accepted as an affiliate.

Well done, my friend, I also had same problem before but later Daraz Nepal accepted my affiliation request within 24 - 48 hours. How?

Well this article will guide you, all through this.

daraz affiliate marketing progam Nepal
daraz affiliate marketing progam Nepal

But first, if you're new to affiliate marketing in Nepal, let me tell you something about it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How I got accepted in Daraz Affiliate Program Nepal
Definition of affiliate marketing

As, google suggest affiliate marketing is something where you don't need to produce your own product or service.

Simply you can create an affiliate link and then all you have to do is to share this link with your followers, friends etc.

Now the problem is to create that link. To create that affiliate link, you need to be accepted as affiliate by the affilate programs.

List of Affiliate Programs in Nepal

There are several affiliate programs in Nepal such as:

  1. Hamrobazar affiliate program
  2. Clothing nepal affiliate program
  3. Amazon affiliate program
  4. Daraz affiliate program nepal
  5. Sastodeal affiliate program
  6. Several hosting affiliate programs, etc.

Among all of those 5 affiliate programs, Daraz affiliate program is most popular in Nepal.

Now let's talk about this.

Making Money with Daraz Affiliate Program  in Nepal

Daraz Nepal is one of the most popular buying and selling e-commerce platform in Nepal where sellers can sell their product and consumer can easily buy their products from them via Daraz Nepal.

Now, you got the point. It's basically alternative of  Amazon.

Daraz Affiliate Program Commission Rate

Although, Daraz Nepal claims that average commission rate is around 10%.

But as an affiliate marketer of Daraz since a long time, it is not the fixed rate, but it vary based on products you sell.

For example,

  • Men & Women fashion products have highest commission rate (more than 14%)
  • Tech gadgets have higher commission rate (more than 10%)
  • Kitchen instruments such as Mixer Grinder, Toasting have lower commission rate.

You can visit this link to know more about commission rates based on products you sell.

How much time does it take to approve on daraz Nepal affiliate Program?

Well, it depends on various factors (which we will talk later on this article).

Sometimes, Daraz can accept your request within 48 hours after submission, sometimes it takes more than 25 days to accept your affiliate request.

But don't worry my friend, I may have solution for this too.

5 tips to get approved on Daraz affiliate Program in 48 hours or less

Yeah, here are some tips that helped me to approve my affiliate request within 48 hours.

1) Post Quality Content

This might sounds like a boring tips that everyone gives. But it is what it is. You need to have good (not the best) quality content on your website.

Ok, everyone say that you have to post good quality content, but how to make good quality content so that we can get easily accepted by Daraz affiliate program?

Basically follow these things:

  • Have good length of article
  • should be consistent
  • better if you have niche
  • use visual elements on your article (if possible)
  • optimize for search engines
  • No grammar errors
  • better website design

2) Fullfill their basic requirements 

Daraz affiliate Program have certain requirements that should be followed to get accepted within short duration.


  1. You must have 10,000 followers on your platform (Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram etc)
  2. Have Pan Number
  3. Your citizenship number.
  4. Have bank account number

that's it.

If you have all these  then you can easily get accepted on Daraz affiliate Program Nepal.

3) Fill up the form carefully

Yes, this is where many people make mistakes.

Form should be filled properly and carefully. You should use the same email address that you used to sign up for Daraz Nepal.

All the details you filled must be accurate and real.

No spelling mistakes are acceptable.

You should clearly mention why you want to join daraz affiliate program in the description box (don't leave that empty)

4) You should be Available

Sometimes, the representatives of Daraz Nepal wants to talk with you whether on email or any other platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or facebook.

So, you should be available to reply their emails.

Sometimes, many people don't reply to their emails or reply their emails very late, so they didn't get accepted as a Daraz Affiliate Marketers.

5) Show your marketing strategies

Clearly explain your marketing strategies and how you plan to promote Daraz products as an affiliate.

Demonstrate that you have a well-thought-out plan to generate traffic and sales for Daraz.

If you did this, chances are high that you will get accepted very soon.

Now if you don't know how to sign up for it then, I will guide you through this as well. 
Yes, yes it is easy, just fill the form.

No, it is not that easy, I suggest you to check at least once.

But if you want to skip it, then skip it. But don't forget to read conclusion (this might motivate you, i guess)

How to sign up for Daraz Affiliate Program Nepal

There are 4 simple steps you should follow to sign up for affiliate programs of daraz Nepal.
  1. Fill your information (like your name, country, city, phone number etc)
  2. Fill your Promoting sites information (like youtube link or website link or whatever you have)
  3. Fill your Bank details, tax details
  4. Submit the form

But wait wait, you need someone who can guide you step by step, right?

Ok let me search on youtube.

Here is what I got for you.

This guy made a detailed video on "How to sign up for Daraz affiliate Program in Nepal in 2023". 

You can watch that and make sure to follow each and every steps he explained.

If you do any mistakes then you will not get accepted as affiliate marketer and you can not make money.

I don't think you will find somebody on the internet who cares this much for you.

Yup that's me :)

So, finally you know everything about affiliate marketing on Daraz Nepal.

But here's something that I wanted to tell you.


I know, I might be a complete stranger to you, but if you read till now, then you will get succeed in your life.

How do I know that?

It's because you have patience to read all these texts in this shorts, reels or tiktok era. It's because you have that desire to do something in your life.

So, talking about Affiliate Marketing.

Well, even if you do all these things, there might be some faults from the team members/ workers of Daraz Nepal, so they are not accepting your request.

You have to have patience.

At least for 20-25 days.

Look at me, I got accepted in Daraz Affiliate Program within 48 hours. But my friend "Radha" have to wait for 19 days to get accepted.

So, wait for it, sometimes it get delayed. 

But you will be accepted.

Affiliate Marketing is not a big munch of revenue source if you compare it with others.

So, if they didn't accept your request if you did all these things, then you can try other revenue streams.

He explained 18 Income sources in this video, you can watch this as well.

So, yeah. 

Thank you for reading all these. Make sure you subscribe to this channel for more earning related contents.


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